I thought I had someone to talk to, but I always get judged and it makes me feel like I can’t tell anyone anything.

I don’t understand why people say school is a waste of time. Don’t get me wrong, I doze off and goof around all the time, but I still learn. Knowledge is the key to success. People don’t understand for some reason.
Also, people drop out of college and become millionaires, or maybe even billionaires on rare occasions, but those people use their intelligence, prior knowledge, and research to become successful. 
School is not a waste; not elementary school, nor middle school, nor high school, nor college because without even realizing it, you learn, you gain knowledge, you prosper.
School is not a waste of time.

If you were granted one wish, most people would wish for money, love, or something materialistic. I would wish for more intelligence because knowledge is the key to happiness and success.

I miss skateboarding

Anonymous said: Dude I have been following you since the SGOD days. Those days were legendary...

No way! Those were the good old days. That was my sophomore year of high school, which was a bit over two years ago. You are a legend my friend. Come off anon

You don’t think you can do it? Well, you probably can’t, but it’s only because you don’t think you can.

tbt graduation!

Math is never used?
Tell that to the engineers who make machines.
Tell that to the architect who designed the shelter you’re under.
Tell that to the math professor who’s teaching you this stuff.
Tell that to the chefs who need to measure ingredients to make your food.
Tell that to the animators who make the animated movies you watch.
Tell that to the game designers who make the games you play.
Tell that to the roller coaster designers who make fun rides for  you.
Tell that to the jet fighter pilots who fight for your sake.
Tell that to the sports announcers who tell you players’ averages.
Tell that to the stockbrokers who sell stocks to people.
Tell that to the doctor who prescribes certain amounts of medication.
Tell that to the pharmacist who makes sure the amount of medicine is correct.
Tell that to the car designer who makes the car you drive.
Tell that to yourself when you’re counting the money in your pocket.

I used to use quotes to motivate me until i realized that all quotes contradict each other in one way or another, thus making every quote invalid towards life.
For example: “If you love something, then go chase after it.” and “If you love something, you should let it go.”
Two quotes that people follow that contradict each other completely.

Do we all see the same colors? Blue is blue, red is red, green is green, but we were trained to say that. But what if the red I see is the blue you see, but we both call it blue? What if the pigmentation in our eyes allow us to all see different colors than one another?
What if the green I see is everyone’s favorite color, but the green I see is the purple that you see, thus making you say your favorite color is purple?