I can’t wait to fucking move out of my fucking house because I’m barley there anyway, but when i am I get fucking bitched at and scolded and lectured because apparently everything is my fucking fault. My brother told me that he wished that I wasn’t his brother and I told him to shut up out of reaction and my mom blamed everything on me and on how I shouldn’t have said shut up. What kind of shit is that? I was literally sitting there eating food and my brother randomly says that shit, but it’s my fault. Everything is my fucking fault. Every fucking thing is my fucking fault because fucking fuck fuck fuck I’m done. I’m sick and tired of everything; I’m sick and tired of fucking everything.

It’s 2:09am. I worked on this speech for well over four hours and I bet it still fucking sucks

I’m legitimately tired of school. Fuck school.

People keep saying cops are bad. Not all cops are bad. Sure, cops do bad things, but so does everyone. Do you know how many people are in prison for murder and abuse? Also, when people try to convince you, they only show you their side of the story. IF SOMEONE WANTS TO CONVINCE YOU THAT COPS ARE BAD, ALL THEY WILL SHOW YOU ARE BAD THINGS COPS DO. I’m tired of people just saying Oh, cops are bad, they beat up and kill people; serve and protect my ass. Actually, if it wasn’t for the police, then there would be chaos everywhere, and worse things would be happening in the world. If every time a cop did something good and it was shown on television, or an article was written about it, then everyone would be sick and tired of it. I’m tired of ignorant people following one thought without opening their minds. STOP BEING NARROW MINDED, OPEN YOUR EYES. Police officers arrest hundreds of thousands of people who deserve to be arrested annually. If someone was breaking into your house, what would you do? Would you call the police? Yeah, you probably would. But why would you do that, THEY’RE SUCH BAD FUCKING PEOPLE, AREN’T THEY? 


The anon I got earlier that told me to become something great put a smile on my face and made me feel good about myself.

Anonymous said: Would you please go become something great

I will become something great, thank you



This shit better work

Just saying
I miss skateboarding
tbt graduation!

Math is never used?
Tell that to the engineers who make machines.
Tell that to the architect who designed the shelter you’re under.
Tell that to the math professor who’s teaching you this stuff.
Tell that to the chefs who need to measure ingredients to make your food.
Tell that to the animators who make the animated movies you watch.
Tell that to the game designers who make the games you play.
Tell that to the roller coaster designers who make fun rides for  you.
Tell that to the jet fighter pilots who fight for your sake.
Tell that to the sports announcers who tell you players’ averages.
Tell that to the stockbrokers who sell stocks to people.
Tell that to the doctor who prescribes certain amounts of medication.
Tell that to the pharmacist who makes sure the amount of medicine is correct.
Tell that to the car designer who makes the car you drive.
Tell that to yourself when you’re counting the money in your pocket.